Thursday, January 6, 2011

a short note on health care...

This past year has made me HATE republicans... at least the morons that are fucking everyone's shit up.  As an actor, I will have no hopes of having health insurance for a long ass time unless it's publicly provided.  So, I can try to keep claiming my residency in Mass and cheat the system my whole life, (which is a bitch) or I can hope someone will smarten up and see that we're one of the few countries that don't have universal health care and we need to catch the fuck up with the times.

ALSO when I was a kid my family had Mass Health (the program that Ted Kennedy my love came up with, that the new healthcare system is based upon) and if we didn't have that, we wouldn't have been able to afford health insurance, and my sister would've died of a throat tumor and I would've died of a tooth infection.  If this system doesn't keep proceeding, we'll continue to have more childhood deaths because of all the people that don't have health insurance in the US.

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