Friday, April 26, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing

So after all the shit that went down last week, I would like to reflect a little bit on my perspective of what happened. It would seem impossible that some of you might not know the details of the entire week since we were all glued to the news for days. This is just the series of events with my reactions to those events.

ANYONE THAT DOESN'T WANT TO READ THIS WHOLE THING can view it on my youtube channel: -- this is very long, and would probably be more enjoyed via watching.  I just thought I'd post the script because I haven't done a blog in a while and for those who enjoy reading my blog.  If you don't want to watch it but read this, go check out my channel for a laugh anyhow.

What is Marathon Monday? For those of you who have never experienced one or are not from the area: It's a day when a bunch of crazy athletic people run a bajillion miles and time themselves... for fucking fun. Oh, and they donate a couple thousand dollars apiece to a specific charity so all their rich friends go down near the finish line and get shitfaced at a bar to cheer them on. I imagine that the rest of us bottom-dwellers watch the marathon so that we can cheer on our hopes and dreams to also someday donate our rich person money to a crazy endorphin loving friend's child with diabetes or cancer or something.

The reason I'm telling all of you this is because aside from it being Patriot's Day (which by the way, is only a holiday in like, 4 states) I don't get why the fuck those assholes decided this was a great thing to ruin. This wasn't a democratic rally, this wasn't a religious gathering, it was for freaking charity you idiots! Ok, maybe there are a fuck ton of people in Boston during that, but do you even know your reasonings?! Why, because we're American? Whatever they are, they're probably not very solidified. It'd be like if I decided to go ruin a little girl's birthday party because all the kids there liked cake and I hated cake.

I was minding my own business, babysitting a 5 month old while her parents were with their 6yrold a block from the blasts, so when I got ten million text messages if I was ok I was very confused about why anyone was asking me this. I got a more specific message from my boyfriend and turned on the news, only to realize that I couldn't get ahold of my boss as I'm watching the blasts on repeat. Then I realized, “It's a holiday, and India Pearl loves drinking – why WOULDN'T I be down there?? Not only that, but I'm one of those people that fights my way to the front of the stage in a concert, if I hadn't been working today, I could very wel have gotten blown up out of my own dumb need to be up front for things.” Thank God 15 minutes later the Dad got home to tell me they were all ok, but I can't tell you how awful it was holding a baby in one arm and trying to keep it together while holding my phone in the other hand, just WILLING it to send me a text message from her mom.

That NIGHT there were reports that police were finding “devices” which I guess means they found bombs around town. And not just around town, no they found them at Harvard square which is very close to where I live and a T station I'm at at least twice a week, it's my favorite place to hang out so I was ripshit that someone tried to screw with it, and then they found one of the devices in fucking Newton! Complete opposite side of town! Now I don't want to go anywhere. I don't even feel safe leaving my apartment, especially when my boss drove me home saying he didn't want me on public transit that day.

Ok so everyone is still reeling from the reality of it all, and I'm watching the news two days later when they announce there was a threat and they had to evacuate the Courthouse downtown. This is when I decided, I'm never taking the train again. Nope, not doing it. I don't even want to go into Boston proper ever again with all this shit going down. I couldn't even describe how this was making me feel, because number one thing was fear, but then more like pure confusion as to how we had all gotten to this fear in the first place.

So I'm already upset and I don't want to do anything or go anywhere, and I wish I could just have my boyfriend glued to my side so I never had to be alone for 5 seconds ever again, when I get 6 text messages from people late Thursday night about a shooting at MIT. This was before most people knew that this was related to the bombing. I'm thinking, “What the fuck, so now that the crazies came out of the closet, all the other ones decided it was their turn to go out in the street and play too?! Where are your mothers?! Why is noone supervising you, because clearly you have the violent wants and needs of a small angry child thinking you can just shoot people for no reason. And how the fuck is everyone getting a gun or whatever they have whenever they want to?”

Apparently, (and if anyone has corrections on my statements of the events that ocurred I will say that a lot of news stations were confused and I was trying to watch all of them to get the most accurate statements) these assholes decided it would be fun to throw pipe bombs at cars and go fucking up Cambridge. This all ended in a horrific police-suspect weapon fight, a smoke bomb, explosives, and then the older brother dies and the scarred pussy little brother wanted to get out of the police barracade so badly, that he ran his own fucking brother over with his car! Pretty sure this was also a stolen car. Now, I'm not gonna lie, I've seen a lot of movies and I know that this was a tragic event where an officer died, but if and when a few years down the line someone decides this would all make a good movie, this would probably be the most exciting part. I was super curious, enough that my little weakling scared of blood girl brain decided it would be a fantastic idea to look up the mutilated body of the brother on imgur. (Don't do it, you'll throw up and I've seen enough movies to say that with confidence.)

I woke up in the morning not knowing any of this aside from the fact that there was a shooting and someone on the run, didn't realize it was connected until about 6am when I got a text saying I didn't have to watch the baby that day because the T was shut down. I didn't think it was a big deal, I'm texting him back like, “Oh yeah, you can totally pick me up later if you still need to go to work.” and he goes, “No, stay home. This is serious, noone should be out of their home right now.” Now I'm thinking, What the fuck happened. They already shut down the T once this week, shit is going down.

I get in twitter, and of course that's where you'll find the most reliable news, and this is when I learn the whole story from the night before, and that Boston, Watertown, Cambridge, basically that whole area just outside of the proper city, is fucking. Shut. Down. Do you know, how serious this had to be, to shut down an entire city and surrounding areas? About $333 million in lost revenues serious!! That's why noone has ever done it before!

I'm sitting there at 7am watching the news and realizing what this all means. A kid with potential bombs on his person, is running around who knows where in a stolen car, and they even suspected he could be heading towards CT or on a highway somewhere. My town was not on the lockdown list, but I can walk to Cambridge, and a lot of parts over here where you walk into Davis square area is Cambridge and Somerville, and a very quick and easy drive in to Watertown. I used to work there. I'm frantically texting my old boss that I hope she's going to be alright and her house is going to be safe, and I'm not fucking going anywhere outside today, and to make sure she was wearing a bra because I knew she did not want to be surprised by Boston's Finest in her pink pajamas when they were doing door-to-door searches. She was very grateful and assured me she was already on top of that.

Watching all of this going down was a bit surreal. I honestly started to feel dread. I cannot explain the sinking panic in my chest in any other way, I couldn't breathe, I coudln't move, I could barely speak without gasping for air. So of course that's when I decided to start drinking at 8:25 am. Thank God I had my emergency-in-case-of-terrorist-attack bottle of vodka in my cabinet. *phew*

I was feeling great, until at about 12:30 when they're in the height of working out whether or not this kid was on a highway somewhere, my power went out on my entire block. Here I am, skype day drinking with one of my friends, hoping my roommate gets out of the shower soon so I'm not alone, when everything goes out. People started slowly creeping out of their doorways, just enough to poke their scared fucking faces out to make sure it wasn't just them. I was convinced that that little fuckface had somehow figured out how to shut off my internet and TV, and my basement suddenly became the scariest place I've ever set foot in my entire life. My roommate came out of her room to see me laughing, and crying in hysterics flipping light switches and finally curling up on the floor in shock from the sheer audacity of it all. How could our power go out, 'DURING THIS?!” She asked if I was ok, I said, “There's a fucking terrorist now the news can't tell us where the fuck he is!!” I started sobbing.. then laughing... then sobbing again. And within 15 minutes National Grid came and turned the block on again so thank God that ordeal didn't last very long.

Later that evening after hours of aggressive and over-stimulating newscasters that didn't have any new information for about 14 hours straight, the Governor decided that they were done with telling people they couldn't come out, and they let the T start running again with limited service. I was still not leaving my fucking house. While they were pretty sure that asshole was in Watertown, they didn't know where another fucking “device” could be. And most places were still closed. So people started posting on facebook, “getting outta the house” – I'm sorry, but you don't think you're going to go into the city, do you? Where the fuck do you need to be right now that's so fucking important? STARBUCKS?!?! The only place you need to be right now is either the liqour store or the hospital, and then back to your Goddamn house. And neither of those things require you to ever get on a train!

Of course then it gets to the part where the cops found the kid and he's hiding, which was an hour long ordeal of them getting him out because he could very well explode everything. Assholes in Worcester and over other parts of Massachusetts that I knew had almost no real connection to what was going on, started posting smilling, laughing, and happy pictures of champagne, beer toasting, saying stupid shit like, “Time to start celebrating, I totally deserve a beer, Oh my God been SUCH a long and stressful day! Can't wait til they get the guy so I can start drinking.” FUCK. YOU. That's all I have to say. Unless your brother or sister or someone lives in a lockdown town, or you yourself were in the lockdown, I don't want to see your stupid, smiling, sighs of relief like you're counting down during the last quarter of the Superbowl you think we “have it in the bag” or some shit. This was not fun. This was not a sporting event. And it was not a time for you douches to start posting happy shit while it was still going down. Sure, I had funny memes later on that I posted, but I was actually drinking all day because I was scared shitless for myself, my friends and family that all live HERE. I worked down the street from where that kid was found, I had my aunt and uncle and my old boss all live in Watertown, and while I'm all for solidarity, you don't get to have fun after all that was over, especially when you're posting these pictures like, “look at our safe, smiling, drinking faces like this is all a game and we're watching it go down with half-hearted hope you're ok fb statuses” when you've only ever been to Boston for a Red Sox game that you're too drunk to even remember. This is my home, you assholes!

Of course I was also this angry after everyone and their grandmother starting shit with each other facebook because with all of us being stuck in the house, noone had anything better to do. There were the know-it-alls, the jokers, the wicked serious people, and the people that commented on everything just to shit on the person that posted it because they can't get over the fact that in t-minus 24 hours everyone was going to go back to not giving a shit about your two cents. Everyone has a huge pecker behind a keyboard, and today was just not the day to be starting shit or bragging or being that guy that posts on everyone's updates, “Well I HAVE AN OPININO TOO AND YOU'RE WRONG BECAUSE FARTY MC FARTY BLAH BLAH BLAH and I live in the middle of nowhere so I have a lot to be opinionated about.” I just couldn't deal anymore so instead of giving valid arguments I told them to go fuck themselves. Surprisingly, it made them shut up so maybe I should do that more often.

Ok, moving on basically they got the kid out of the boat, and I decided after all that was over that I made some memes of my own out of relief and the need for a laugh. They're all at the end of the video if you want to see those. I was finally able to breathe, and I allowed myself to laugh at something,

In all seriousness, I knew Kristle through my old job and my sister knew her. Her wake was a block away from my apartment and I know her family was very touched by the thousands of people that came out, I watched the all line up for blocks. I'm not sad in a “that was my friend” way, but this thing in its entirety has been really upsetting to all of us here in Boston and the whole area. You think only 3 people died and it's not like 9/11 at all, but a lot of Bostonians died in 9/11 that's why New York reached out to us right away. Boston is so small that most people either knew a person that was injured or died, or know at least 3 people that did know them. And it was our place, our home, this woman on NPR said it perfectly when she told her little boy that people are sad because someone tried to hurt “Our Mother”. I'm glad they caught that little fuck, and while I'm sorry that he was brainwashed and he has to live with this guilt for the rest of his life, I hope his tongue stays injured and he never speaks again. Because that little boy will never speak again, and so many others might never walk again. But Boston will walk again, and we will have our marathon next year, because like David Ortiz said on national television, this is our fucking city.

Do you know what the Colonials did when they were pissed about taxes? They had a tarring and feathering like it was a weekly sporting event. They took one of John Hancocks ships, dragged it out of Boston Harbor, not a little dingy but an entire fucking merchant vessel, and brought it through Boston down to the Liberty Tree and burned it. You know what John Hancock did? He didn't get mad, he helped fund the war because he wanted to be on the side that noone fucks with. Noone fucks with us, or we shut everything down and we will fucking find you. And we here in Beantown won't do you the dishonor of killing you once we do, no we want you alive, because you deserve to live through every moment of dread and being put down like the dog that you are on OUR terms, not yours.

And shut the fuck up all of you people who are making this about the Russians, or Islamaphobia, because I don't care to hear that bullshit. The unibomber, Timothy McVea, and and all those pussy bastards that shot up movie theaters and schools this year were American. There's assholes everywhere, and it's reall fucking sad to have to think about living in a world like that, but we do. Just know, that you are not welcome anywhere, especially not in MY CITY, because you will regret it til the day you are legally put down by the man.