Sunday, December 12, 2010

"That was a helluva goodbye."

I'm so glad that I've gotten really proper goodbyes with my friends.  A quick hug and a "see ya" just doesn't cut it.  Chilling out and chatting for a bit, grabbing a pint, going for a walk downtown, grabbing a bite, sharing prayers and reassuring each other, those are what make a meaningful memory.  I'm going to miss Kent Uni, but I'm mostly going to miss my friends, because I've grown to love you all so very very much.

I'm in the library and I took out eight books... I only used quotes from two of them and now I'm bored and frustrated.  Come on UMass, let's hope your superior 26 stories will help me when I return to the states, 'cause these 4,000 words will not write themselves in time for January 26th.

I'm really surprised at how good I was with money this term.  I came out here with a fair amount, and am leaving with enough to survive on a college-kid budget if I can't come up with a job next term.  Thanks Mom for being poor on paper, because financial aid is paying my rent; now I just have to feed myself and not be stupid.
I mean literally, looked at my statement and was like, "How the hell did I manage that?" ... ask Chelsea, I think I'm really bad with my money but she claims that going shopping with me helps her keep a good head on her shoulders and not spend all her money, either.  Ha, I guess I'm not that bad... again thanks to my mom, but her life lessons seem to have become internalized and inherited at this point.

Someone needs to pray for me because I'm going to Brussels and Paris this week and I don't speak a word of French.  Let's just hope I make some friends at the hostel and I don't get lost haha.  Also, let's hope I'm still good with money on a six-day vacation.  AHHHH  I just want my dog and my big girl bed.

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