Saturday, December 18, 2010

a cat nap is for cats and people who have time to sleep.

I am appalled at how much crap I have obtained, and how much clothing I own.  How did I bring all of these clothes with me?  I certainly don't remember packing them, no siree, they snuck into my case and packed themselves.  Ugh, I wonder how much I'll be charged for my suitcase being ready to burst.

England doesn't know how to deal with snow.  I'm an idiot for not checking the weather and changing my flight ahead of time, but really I got off the bus on the highway and walked the rest of the way back to my apartment because traffic was so dead.  And now I have to pay almost 200 bucks to get a taxi to the airport because public transit refuses to keep running and if I miss my flight I could end up sitting in the airport for days.... AAAHHHHH

oh well.  Like I always say, "money is money".  It shouldn't mean anything if I have it and I'm able to go home and be with my family instead of sitting in a terminal eating Burger King for three days... but seriously, the people here freak out when they see one snowflake.  This is nothing.

I'm sooooo tired but my cab comes in about two hours and I'm still not totally packed.  Why do I do this every time I have to go somewhere important?  I wait until the last minute to get my act together and somehow I get to where I need to be.
Prayers and good thoughts for my journey guys, I'm gonna need it for an 8 hour flight!

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  1. You'll be fine. and you can sleep on the plane while you zip over the ocean. Before you can process it, you'll be home trying to avoid unpacking until the new year. Here's to a safe trip home!