Monday, February 6, 2012

myths I tend to believe

I'm a person who is most definitely superstitious.  Here is a complete list of normal everyday superstitions to ridiculous beliefs that I have:

1. people act different/abnormal things happen to you when there's a full moon
            -- Not joking, I drop almost everything and feel very depressed and anxiety ridden whenever
               there's a full moon.  And no, it's weeks away from PMS so they're unrelated.  My family will
               fight a lot, I lose things a lot, and I really just don't feel like myself.

2. not eating birthday cake or wedding cake is bad luck
           -- You should always have a piece of cake at your own birthday or wedding

3. Engagement rings from broken relationships are bad luck and therefore will curse the next relationship if they're used for another proposal, no matter who the giver/receiver of the ring is.  Same goes for cancelled weddings, that dress that was bought is bad kudos.

4. If you think there's a ghost in your house and you invite that sort of negative energy towards you, a ghost will be there.
          -- Sounds silly I know, but my family has always believed in energies and that beliefs draw
             negative and positive energies towards you.  Even if it's not a ghost, there's something.  Our
             old apartment in Worcester had voodoo people living there before us, aka chicken feet hanging
             from the ceiling and creepy stuff written on the walls before we lived there.  I always thought
             the place was haunted and trust me, it was.

5. What goes around comes around.
          -- Whether you're talking shit or doing something you shouldn't be doing, being negative all the
              time will only affect yourself in the long run.

 That's all I really got for now.  I'm sure there's other things I'm forgetting about at the moment like you have to eat the whole fortune cookie before reading the fortune or it won't come true...

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