Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"be careful when you're flying..."

That's what a stranger said to me a while back when my bike wheel was broken.  He said, "be careful when you're flying" and it sticks in the back of my mind and reaches down to jab my gut every time I think things are going really well.  I've said it before and I'll quote Charlie Brown yet again when I say, "I think I'm afraid of being happy because whenever I get too happy something bad always happens."  It's sadly the everyday that is my life.

Don't get me started on how my dating life is relevant to this philosophy, but rather now I'll mention the fact that I thought I had a really great waitressing job at a sports bar, and I was telling all my friends and family how much I loved it, I was making great tips, and it was one of the best jobs I've ever had.  What do you know?  One bratty waitress seems to get colder to me the nicer I am to her, and another of which that I offer to take a shift for or babysit for because I'm that nice, barks at me and tattles on me that I'm doing a shitty job when maybe it would've been nice of her to explain to me like a human what I was doing wrong in the first place before getting my ass in a bad opinion of others.  This is why I hate girls and I don't trust people.

My manager literally couldn't name specific reasons as to what I was doing wrong when I asked him to, because when he tried to I was explaining my side of things right off the bat in a clear and concise manner.  "You're not fired," he says, "we're just looking for that extra bit of hussle... you're smart, you get along with everyone, you know the computer well, you've really put in an effort blah blah blah bla..."  nothing he was really saying could match up well with my questions.  And if another restaurant called he would recommend me?!  Didn't quite get why you wouldn't want to keep me, then.  "We're unable to focus the time to train you more properly to fit in here." "When you hired me, you said you wanted girls with less experience so you COULD train them to how things work around here." He had nothing to say to that, except that other waitresses felt I didn't fit in.  Well that explains it all, doesn't it?

Oh, and of course there's girls who took my picture at the bar when I was out with them and texted my "bad behavior" or whatever they would call a night out with the girls, to the manager.  Yep, don't trust any bitches you haven't known since middle school, pretty much that's my motto save for a handful of people.  And never get too comfortable with anyone, 'cause people will end up failing you most of the time.  I'm amazed at how naive I can be.

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