Wednesday, February 9, 2011

choking on an odwalla bar

This weekend I gave in to meat and had beef & broccoli at my mom's, then wings at the Super Bowl party at my house.  What happened to my stupid self?  GASTROENTINITIS that's what!!(#^@&^#%!

Literally felt like I was going to die.  Blood was coming out of my body, and not because I had a ufkcign paper cut.  I have a girlfriend who told me she had McDonald's when she was in middle school and it made her ill, and she's been a vegetarian ever since.  This isn't a joke.  I literally could've died if Travis wasn't an amazing friend and didn't take me to health services.

What did we learn?  While I used to enjoy meat, I usually feel a lot healthier when I don't eat it.  I'll still have fish sometimes, but more or less only if I cooked it myself.  My sister and mother are the same way, I think meat doesn't agree with some of the women in our family.  Not to mention how you never know where your meat comes from; it's pretty gross.  People who say they don't want to know, you really DON'T want to know.

Why I don't wear fur and real leather:
Pam Anderson posted this today, and my already nauseated stomach that I haven't been able to feed in two days decided it was going to resign.  I've only eaten half an odwalla bar today and it made me sick.

Being a veggie isn't something you do to be cool or fit in to a hippie fad, it's a lifestyle that you choose because of something you believe in.  I would say that my hopes for vegetarianism are the same hopes I have in my Christian life.  To keep bettering myself and stop giving in to being stupid.  The truth is right there in front of you, fully-accessible, and people don't care to listen.  Ignorance can be bliss, but only if you ignore the end result, like your own health and well-being.

Here's another one for you.
This one isn't so gross, it's just a Jamie Oliver clip.  He does it nicely though, because it's for kiddies and he wouldn't want to tell the children that a machine takes chicken bones and sucks the last tid bits off that aren't even worth eating (usually very low grade meat from calcium-deficient chickens that are thrown in a pile after they can't lay any more eggs for the rest of their terrible little lives).

I don't think everyone has to be a vegetarian, but there are better options than just picking anything off the shelf because it tastes good.  There are plenty of options to have organic, farm raised, hormone free, humanely treated, blah blah blah but people don't want to hear that either.  They'd rather pick nuggets than the breast or a Quorn alternative (amazing btw) because it's cheaper.  It's cheap, quick, tastes good, and everyone's doing it, right?  Things that appear to be good, are often bad for you...

I feel as though there's a sermon under here somewhere, but I don't have the time this afternoon to work it out.  I wish I knew more bible versus that coincided but all I can seem to remember at this moment is, "the wages of sin is death".  Food can kill you?  Hm...  We'll come back to it maybe...

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