Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dreams and Beasts and Magical things.

One night I dreamed of colors.
A surging, swirling rage of purple and red and orange.
Out of the storm came a magical bus, a city bus in fact.
My sister, the driver, enticed me to enter the door frame and take a seat.
We flew over the hills of Los Angeles to an unknown destination.

"I know a shortcut," she said. "We must pass through this Castle."
"No." I said. "I don't go there anymore. That is a fortress I cannot be found wandering through. There is a Beast who dwells there, with whom I cannot cross paths."
"It's the quickest way."
She ignored my dilemma and we landed, toppling over a pointed setting on the rooftop, it gave out instantly like a plastic piece of a Lego set under too much weight.  The ceiling gave way. No one inside noticed.
"Let's go, we must travel down this hallway and pass through the other side of the Castle to get to where we're going."
She smiled and took my hand.
"She's so sweet," I thought, "she has no idea what she's done."

There were many courtiers about the Castle halls.
Masks of many colors and sparkling jewels in their eyes, their faces covered, their bodies draped in elegant gowns and fashionable suits.

Suddenly, I see him.
The Beast.
But he hasn't noticed me yet.
I hide behind a heavy, red, velvet curtain. But it may be too late.
The magic has begun and I must make my getaway.

A girl with nut brown hair comes out of the corner to walk beside him, they hold hands, they both wear powder blue.
I look ashamedly at my outfit, vastly under-dressed for such a place.
I hope his lover won't see me, she will know how much prettier she is than I, and sneakers are no place for a Castle.

My sister is now gone, she hid, but disappeared.
I find myself alone, quietly following the Beast and his girl, while trying to escape this place.
The last place on earth I wish to be.
A Castle where I thought I'd ne'er return.

His princess is gone. She has exited my field of vision.
The Beast stops in his tracks.
He turns to me, stone faced.
I'm caught.

"I knew you'd come," he said. "Have you come to ask a favor of me? I knew you'd need me someday.  What is it that you need?"
"No, Sir. I'm fine, Sir. Why do you haunt me so, Sir?"
"Whatever do you mean?" he cooed as he took my hand in two of his own. "I came here called upon, I haunt you not. You came to me."
Flustered with a red face threatening to silence me, I mustered up what came out as a small yell.

I said, "I dream of you.  Do you dream of me too?"
"Of course I do," he said. "But I don't believe in dreams... do you?"

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