Thursday, March 29, 2012

Not to be too self-promoting or anything....


Next week April 4th-7th will be my first show in Boston, at the Plaza Theatre at the Boston Center for the Arts.  Because I'm a big deal now people, let it be known that India Pearl is actually an actress post-theater-degree college life. 

The show is rightly dubbed "Blogoliloquy" due to its makeup of multiple monologues all being excerpts from fellow Boston bloggers.  Most or all of these bloggers are followed much more than I, which would grant them the awesome privilege to see their written word come to life onstage, therefore I am conflicted between the two following emotions of jealousy (obviously I wish more people read my blog, but I wonder what my audience would even be?  I should put more thought into that for future posts, like who the heck am I writing to anyway?!) and thankful (for the opportunity of the show as a relatively new actress and as a fellow blogger). 

I find the material relatable for a couple of reasons.  The fact that I write on a regular basis makes me truly think about what is my author aiming at and what were they possibly feeling when they wrote the words that I'm speaking?  Sure, I could jump up and down about how exciting snow suits or jazz clubs are, but it's easier to do so when I look back on a post where I also jumped up and down for something equally special to my heart.  Also, most of the blogs are written so well that I feel like I sort of know their authors already, which I'm sure is their intent as bloggers to relate to their readers.

One of our original instructions as actors was to not go to the blogs themselves and read the authors' other works, as it may or may not skew how we play the few pieces of material we were performing.  Sometimes with too much background information, your approach can change completely to something far from where you wanted to end up.  (It's sort of like being in a play after you watched the movie, and you suddenly start to imitate the other actor that played the part before you did.)  That being said, I can't wait to meet the chick I'm playing!!!

I know that's weird, but apparently we're about the same age, love useless junk, random accessories, Obama, and snowball fights.  In an alternate universe where we meet before I played her blogger personality in a show, we would've been those cool friends who wear vintage clothes without trying too hard and make fun of hipsters at bars in places like Harvard Square or Allston where we may or may not also sort of be hipsters but would never admit it.  So yeah, I hope she doesn't think I'm a creep when I hug her as soon as Justin tells me who she is at one of the shows and then I'm like, "We're the same persoooooonnnnn!!!!"

So for those readers that are interested in coming to see a great show put together for real Bostonians, you can go to and look up the title "Blogoliloquy" in the search bar for tickets.  I hope to see your lovely reading faces there!


  1. Woah!

    YES. I love this post because its like you SAW THE FUTURE.

    I'm so blogrolling you! Yay for new friendship!

    1. yayyy!!! When my crazy show-Easter-running-around weekend is over I'm gonna write a post about it ahaha we'll have to compare notes "the experience of blogtheater" lollll

  2. Oh I'm on it.

    I think sitting on a bus for four hours will be sufficient time to put towards capturing this glorious event.