Saturday, November 26, 2011

even little things are missed at the endii

im unable to use capitals or certain characters on my phone with this site. bear with me readers...

sometimes when im on the bus or in a carride, especially at nighttime, i feel like i could ride on forever. put on some music that pairs well with the stars and an empty highway, and ill be a good passenger. after a while, you see the clock and you stop caring about what time it is. theres no time in the world of cruise control. there are no deadlines on a dead road. and there are certainly no countdowns in your mind when you want nothing but to go on into eternity.

i remember lying late into the night in the passanger seat or even just in my own backyard under the stars hoping morning would absolutely never come.  those stars gave me hope. now i get helplessly lost in them, wondering what they really mean to me. do i still admire their beauty the way i used to long ago, or are they just a nostalgic reminder of something ive lost touch with and tried to forget?

that night on the beach under the stars was one of the best nights ive had in a long time. it was one of the nights i felt myself falling in love. a night that brought together a place in my heart, a person i was admiring, and the awe and wonder of the sky, all together into one memorable evening.  when we felt it was time to go, i knew it was late but i couldve frozen those couple hours in time for as long as father time wouldve given me a deal. but father time doesnt make deals. we just have to enjoy moments we have and deal with it. i could deal with it that night, because i knew it wasnt just that night. it was a night that would turn into many more.  i was certainly ok when i was granted the hope of more.

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