Monday, April 30, 2012

I Geek Boston (among other things)

Can we just talk about how much I love Boston? 

I knew that I liked it before, I've always been a baseball fan, thought the T was pretty easy to get around on, and felt like all my visits were a mini-adventure, so moving here for the fun stuff was a plus when I took the career advantages into consideration.  Now I was blessed to no longer have to nanny to pay the bills, because I have a job as a full time actor at a museum.  I feel like I have some freedom, a dream job with daytime work hours and the rest of the time to do what I want.  No cleaning, no waiting tables, no hour + commute... ahhh yes.

But let's just talk about how I have a new found pride in this city, as though Worcester were a faint memory.  My new job has taught me so much already in the first week about how amazing our history is, and how much our ancestors got done working as a team for a common goal of independence.  I think this year the 4th of July won't just be about the fireworks, but about how happy I am to be a part of the tourist experience and teach people about the rich and exciting history that is Boston, Massachusetts. 

(Alright it's a geeky thing to talk about, and YES I am fully aware that I'm not being very specific but I didn't want to dedicate a post to the French and Indian War and how it led to the Intolerable Acts because I didn't take the job to teach high school level history on my blog, I'm just saying it's a lot of fun when your acting job is to portray an important part of local and national history and culture.)

I'm so excited for my second summer living out here, it's unreal.  This will be the summer that I'm no longer a newcomer, but an experienced explorer.  I won't be completely poor, just making enough to still have a bit of fun once in a while.  I will have best friends that love to go on mini-adventures and a loving boyfriend to make it all the more enjoyable.  This year is already panning out so well, setting up to have a fantastic summer and no worries are on my mind.  Sure I'm very busy the next couple of weeks, but I like to convince myself I can do everything even if something else may suffer in the end, like my sleep.

Sleep is overrated.  There's plenty of time to sleep when you're dead.  Or on your day off.  Either one.

I think I want to focus on the acting job instead of the theater shows for the next couple months, and do more of my music (OUR music since I have a partner).  This summer should be light and happy and creative, I want to stay up late writing my stories and spend lazy afternoons and evenings writing songs with my talented readheaded friend.  Harvard Square is calling our names to come play guitar and make enough money to get a couple Sam Summers or J.P. Licks scoops after a long day.  I wanna pluck some strings at the beach and sneak a hot dog even though I try to be a vegetarian.

I never thought I would get this attached, but it is gaining on my one year anniversary.  In the past year I have padded my resume, gotten nice teaser experiences in the business, met some great folks, gotten into a fun social circle, found some awesome new friends, continued to build old friendships, and grew in a wonderful relationship.  Oh I love that durty watuh... yep, gotta love being home.

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